Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring into Love

It's hard to believe that we are already 3 months into the year.  For those of you who have been able to keep your resolution for a healthier 2016, I commend you.  For those who have not, no worries I have some solutions for you.  Check out what's happening this month at Temple Yoga & Wellness Center.  

Temple Yoga Detox-Spring March 11th-April 1st

Ready to Spring clean inside and out? If so, our Temple Yoga Detox is here for you. The program includes 21-Days of meals tailored towards liver detoxification. Detoxing helps with improve energy, helps facilitate weight loss and cleanses the body. In addition, you will have access to 3-5 yoga classes per week for the 21 days. You can schedule classes based on your availability. For more info email

Fly Yoga Trip June 24th -27th

We are taking a Fly Yoga trip to Puerto Rico. The trip will take place June 24th-June 27th and will include meals (breakfast and dinner), daily yoga on the beach, nearby attractions and more. Please follow the link for more details. Deposits are nonrefundable. Payments support your meals and lodging cost. Flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico are not included. Deposits are due March 15th. Remaining balance is due by May 15th. Group flight discounts will be available out of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Fly Yoga trips are open to all fitness levels.

Karma Yoga- Kate's Club

Each year, I like to raise money and awareness for a cause. This year my choice is one that is very close to my heart. Many years ago, my children's father passed away. Through the years of coping and growing from this tragedy my children and me joined Kate's Club. This is a grief organization for children who've lost a parent or a sibling. Kate's Club is a huge part of the reason that my family was able to move beyond simply survival and start thriving again. My kids have been able to find a language for their grief and build lasting friendships. Kate's Club offers various forms of therapy (music, animal, art) and well as great field trips and outings. The most transformative event for my family has been the yearly summer camp.  If you would like to help simply visit my website or attend an upcoming Free Karma Yoga class. If you would like more information please visit You can also donate directly through their website.

Peachtree Road Race Registration March 15th-22nd

Join "I Love My Temple" group for this year's Peachtree Road Race. I would love to have you on my team! Registration will open on March 15th. The race takes place July 4th.  Search for the group name and complete your registration. You will be notified if our team gets selected. Visit to complete your registration.

Coming Soon!

Artistic Wellness Painting Event - April 16th 3pm-5pm

Artistic Wellness is all about finding your creative expression. Next month, I will host a painting and wine event with an amazing resident artist. There will be yoga, meditation, painting instruction and refreshments. Check the website for registration.

Yoga Boot Camp -Coming in April

Ok, it’s a few months into the New Year and we resolve to try to get in shape or just improve our overall health! Try Yoga Boot Camp! Yoga Boot Camp is a full-body workout that combines the popular boot camp concept with the flow of yoga. Perfect for anyone wanting to improve strength and toning, lose weight, improve breathing and circulation or just improve their overall health. What makes Yoga Boot Camp different is you will not only get the strength and cardio training necessary but you will also get balance training and nutritional guidance. Check the website for registration.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Month of Love

I LOVE February!  It's not only my birthday month (whoop, whoop!) but its also the first time after the Christmas holiday that people seem to think about love.  As the resident love cheerleader, I get so into the happiness that people share with one another.  Also, as I lead up to another birthday, I love taking the time to reflect on all the healthy love I've received and get my thankfulness on for another year of life!

Fly Yoga- Puerto Rico Trip

We are heading to Puerto Rico, April 1st-April 5th.  There is still time to sign up for this awesome trip.  The price for the trip includes lodging at an amazing villa in Luqillo right on the beach as well as breakfast and dinner by a local chef.  Flights are not included however, I am working to get a group rate for the flight.  We will dance, hike, shop and of course do yoga on the beach each morning to start our day.  Also, I would like to find a way to work on a service project for the women of Puerto Rico before we leave, however, that is still in the works.  Hope you can join us!  Visit the Fly Yoga to sign up.  Final Payments are due Feb 28th.  

Spring Detox

Our next Yoga Detox is coming in Spring.  The dates are March 11th-April 1st.  Sign up is available now by visiting my website 

Karma Yoga

Every year, I look around at the community and try to determine where I need t offer my support.  This year, I would like to focus on mental health.  Therefore, I would like to raise awareness and money towards mental health organization.  Starting this month, I would like to get involved in helping those who suffer from mental health challenges.  If you are aware of great organizations that support mental health, please email them to I do have one in mind but I would like some feedback.  

I Love My Temple Store

The I Love My Temple Tees are back due to popular demand.  The colors are white and yellow for the fitted tee in (S, M, L, XL),  black fitted tees (XL, 2XL, 3XL) and black in regular t-shirt size 2XL.  Also, this month I have physical gift cards you can purchase and share with those you love.  Visit the store to share your #TempleLove.

I wish you all beautiful Love in February and hope it continues throughout 2016!  Namaste.  

Monday, January 4, 2016

Love in 2016

Happy New Year!  It's time to get ready for 2016 and jumpstart your health and wellness goals.  2015 is gone and now we have a new year to embrace challenges, change, love and well-being.  

Temple Yoga Detox

Want to improve your energy level and get on track with eating right?  If so, our Winter Yoga Detox is here for you.  The program includes 21-Days of meals tailored towards liver detoxification.  Detoxing helps with improve energy, helps facilitate weight loss and cleanses the body.  In addition, you will have access to 3-5 yoga classes per week for the 21 days.  You can schedule classes based on your availability.  For more info email 

Trunk Show 

Join us January 16th for our 1st Stella & Dot Trunk Show.  Our fellow yogi Tiffany Russell will be offering amazing sales on wonderful Stella & Dot jewelry and accessories.  The show starts at 3pm.  Visit to reserve your spot.

Fly Yoga Trip -Puerto Rico 

I have threatened you all with a good time before but this time we are making it happen.  We are taking a Fly Yoga trip to Puerto Rico.  The trip will take place April 1st-5th and will include meals (breakfast and dinner), daily yoga on the beach, nearby attractions and more.  Please follow the link for more details.  If you have questions please email  

I Love My Temple Store 
Make 2016 your year to look and feel your best.  The I Love My Temple Store has expanded its offerings.  In addition to Temple Tees and gift cards, you can also get top fitness, wellness and sports apparel from my custom shop, Yoga Outlet and even Manduka mats all at a discount.  

Let's begin our 2016 on the right foot and let each step be a reflection of our strive to be our BEST!  Namaste.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gratitude in Motion

Much gratitude and many thanks to all my amazing yogis.  I am so grateful to have had another wonderful year working with wonderful and amazing people.  I give thanks that I can be of service doing what I love to do.  I get up each day and give thanks that people are coming to do yoga.  I give thanks that yoga is finding those who may not have been open to it.  I give thanks that yoga is offering those who come stress relief, pain relief and space in between the nagging thoughts weigh us down and sometimes kick us down.  Therefore, what better way to spend Thanksgiving month than to introduce a Gratitude Yoga Practice.  In addition, I will be offering a new yoga massage service.  So join me and share your gratitude and thanksgiving!

Gratitude Yoga Practice
Join me #ThankfulThursdays at 6pm for our Gratitude Yoga Practice.  This yoga practice will focus on heart opening poses and sharing your gratitude.  This practice will also include meditation.

Yoga Massage
Yoga Massage is a great way to focus on releasing tension and working into the deep tissue along with deep stretching.  This is a 30-min service and can be added onto your yoga class or booked separately.  Yoga Massage is a great way to tackle:
  • Pain/stress relief
  • Neck/Shoulders stiffness or pain
  • Back pain 
  • Hips, Legs and Feet 

Close Dates in November
Temple Yoga & Wellness Center will be closed on November 4th and November 25th-29th.  I hope you enjoy your days off by sharing your love and gratitude with those you love.  

I Love My Temple Store
Are you looking for a unique gift for this holiday season?  Check out the I Love My Temple Store and get gift cards or yoga/fitness/wellness products and gear to help your loved ones jumpstart the New Year with health and wellness in mind.  Or simply grab a gift card and share the gift of yoga.  

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall in Love with You

Fall is a mixture of things for me.  I love the warmer months and longer days of spring/summer but there is something about the magnificence of Fall.  I love the creative show that the trees put on.  The shorter days also give me the opportunity to get settled earlier so that I can explore my creativity at night.  Less daylight gives me the opportunity to really reflect.  I tune in quite a bit more and just take stock of what's going on with me.  It's my time to take personal inventory and see what I have done personally and professionally and how I can improve for the future.  I take a look at everything from my health to my parenting and explore how I can be the best version of me.  How can I be more present?  How can I express myself to the fullest?  How can I be of service?  What is serving me and what is not?  Many of these questions are what led to the Fall offerings from Temple Yoga & Wellness Center.  The goal is to help you move into this season healthy and well.  

Artistic Wellness

Artistic Wellness is a program I designed to help creative folks.  I remember back when I was writing full-time how difficult it was for me to sit down and focus on my looming deadlines.  And when I did finally sit down my mind was all over the place.  When I would talk to other creative folks they would have a similar challenges.  One consistent challenge for many of us is knowing there is something you really want to do but not having the time, support, belief or tools to offer that inner voice outward expression.  Artistic Wellness is a 7-week program that will uses yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to help you focus on your creative gift or talent.  Each week we will share with the group a portion of our project and we will practice the techniques (yoga, breathing & meditation) throughout the week.  The change in this course is that I am offering it in-studio and online this time.  The in-studio session is October 4th-November 15th from 3:30-5:00pm.  The online session is October 5th-November 16th from 7-8:30pm.  Registration is now open with early pricing available.  Visit to reserve your spot.  Save $20 if you sign up before October 1st.  Note:  To purchase select the Online Store, Services and Temple Programs. 

In this workshop participants will learn how to:

• Face distraction

• Prolong concentration

• Stimulate Perseverance

• Face fears

• Create balance

• Prioritize creative schedule

• Maintain authenticity

• Enjoy the art of revision

Workshop Outcomes

The series schedule includes:

• Meditation

• Discussion of the senses and their centers

• Sun Salutations

• Yoga Postures for creativity and inspiration

• Breathing Techniques

• Creative Goal Setting

In addition, participants will receive a better understanding of the body/mind connection, and how to stimulate the creative centers. A personal posture and breathing guide will be given to participants for home practice. Additional readings will come from Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide To the Fulfillment of Your Dreams.  We will also tweet about our experiences using #artisticwellness 

Yoga Detox

Every change of season, I love to cleanse and detox.  This Yoga Detox is a great way to prepare your body for the transition to the cooler weather.  This is a 21-Day cleansing program that will include yoga and nutrition.  Yoga Detox is especially great for those who want to get their diet on track, avoid being sick & boost metabolism.

This is a 21-Day Detox that will help you:
·    Boost immunity
·      Increase energy & focus
·      Improve weight management
·      Release excess waste
·      Increase sense of well-being

The first half of the 21-Day program is for cleansing & detoxing and the second half will help you rebuild your healthy eating habits.  I would recommend that you schedule 3-5 yoga sessions each week for the 21-Day period for maximum benefit.  Click here to register Note:  Yoga Detox is on the Online Store under Temple Programs.

Fall Yoga Special 
Sign up for a 3-month membership and get a 15% discount.  Membership will give you unlimited access to appointments.  Plus, this is a great way to stay committed to your health through the end of the year.  This membership requires sign-up for autopay.  Monthly membership payment will take place on the same day each month for 3 months. To sign up click here . Note: Fall Yoga Special is in the Online Store under Contracts.  

Temple App -Coming Soon! 

I love finding ways to make yoga classes easy and accessible.  Therefore, in the month of October I will be launching the Temple Yoga & Wellness Center app.  The app will be available in the Apple App store and on Google Play.  The app will allow you to schedule appointments and keep up with monthly specials.  Check the website to find out when the app will be available.  

I Love My Temple Store
The I Love My Temple Store is available online.  The products here are a combination of products I have created or selected based on my client requests.  You can purchase Temple Tees, Relaxation Jumpers, products from my Amazon store and of course gift cards. 
Please visit the store and get your yoga and wellness gear to support your yoga, wellness and fitness practice.  Click here  to shop.  

Friday, August 28, 2015

National Yoga Month @Temple Yoga & Wellness

September is National Yoga Month.  To celebrate Temple Yoga & Wellness Center will offer you discounted classes online and in studio.  This special will allow you two classes a week online or in studio.  Classes include Aerial Yoga, Hot Yoga, Hot Power Yoga and Power Yoga Classes.  All you have to do is visit the www.ilovemytemple and select the classes and workshops tab.  You will be directed to the booking page to select your choice of classes and times.  When you checkout just select the National Yoga Month pricing special.  The offer will end October 1st.  

Temple To-Go Online Yoga

click the image to launch video

Temple To-Go is launching September 1st.  This will allow you to participate in online yoga classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm EST.  Also, if you would like an alternate time for your class simple schedule it and you can get Temple To-Go anytime.  Visit the Temple To-Go tab on the website.  Complete the contact form to register.  

I Love My Temple Store 

 I love yoga products and so do my clients. This love led me to the idea of upgrading the I Love My Temple Store.  On this page you will find Temple Tees, Relaxation Jumpers and my favorite yoga products sponsored by  

Artistic Wellness 

I love, love, love teaching online.  Many of my clients are busy and can not always make it to class.  This gave me the idea to start teaching Artistic Wellness online.  However, I still want to build the intimacy of the in class setting so I decided to add a social media aspect to the class where we can support one another throughout the class and beyond.  The purpose of Artistic Wellness is to help you find your creative path. In this course you will learn how to harness your creativity and gain strides toward your creative expression. We will use yoga, meditation and breathing to help you improve your creative expression. Look out for announcements for the upcoming workshop through the month of September. If you have questions please feel free to email me at Namaste.