Monday, April 13, 2015

April Love Showers

It's Spring!  This is one of my favorite times of year.  The longer days allow me to do two of my favorite things: garden and help my clients reach their health and wellness goals.  Something about the hint of summer makes people more open to reach their goals.  So, of course I am here to help.  My goal is always to use my knowledge and my passion for service for those who want to live healthier lives and thrive.

Yoga for Weight Loss
Yoga for Weight Loss is a great program to kickstart your weight loss goals.  This program is near and dear to me because often times weight control is a reflection of all the things that we experience in our lives.  So many times we are working on every other part of our lives and we put ourselves last.  The thought is that we can always come back to our own health whenever we want ignoring our needs to really nurture ourselves.  Yoga for Weight Loss is designed to put your health needs front and center so that you can be your best self in your life.  You will learn how to eat and move to stimulate your weight loss goal.   Payment plans are available because I never want finances to be a barrier to reaching your health goals.  Join me for Yoga for Weight Loss and learn how to reveal your best self.

Wellness Coaching
One thing about having a yoga and wellness business is that things always happen organically.  I know there are lots of people out there doing wellness and life coaching and I am happy to see this become such a thriving business.  It speaks to the fact that many are seeking ways to be more grounded in their life's purpose or their life's work.  For me, that is what wellness coaching is all about.  It's about helping people get into the the flow of their life.  I enjoy taking the tools I have learned and sharing them with those who seek to live a more balanced way of life.  Think of it as yoga but on and off the mat.  If this sounds good to you see the wellness coaching section of to sign up.

Fly Yoga Trip
We are still on for our trip to Tulum, Mexico September 10-14th.  Visit the Fly Yoga link on to sign up.

Artistic Wellness
I believe that everyone has a creative gift or talent that we are here to uniquely express.  Artistic Wellness came about because I am surrounded by these wonderfully gifted creative people who were wanting to express their talents and gifts.  The challenge for many creative people is bringing their creative projects to fruition.  The workshop is designed to assist you with getting your creative process together.  Join me and I will share with you ways to bring your creative gifts to light through yoga, breathing and meditation. If you are interested in participating in this 6-week workshop please leave your information at subject -Artistic Wellness.  Note:  In June, we will have a 1-Day Painting and Yoga workshop.  More information coming soon!

Power Yoga and Hot Power Yoga Classes
It's been a few months since I have taught Power Yoga due to a car accident I had in December.  I wanted to make sure I was strong enough and had to honor the healing process in my own life in order to lead this class.  Based on popular demand, I am adding Power Yoga and Hot Power Yoga back to the weekly schedule.  Visit to book your class today.

Temple Tees
Temple Tees are a hot item.  Those who purchase them love to share their temple and yoga love.  "I Love My Temple" has become a mantra for me but also its something I love to share because self love and mind, body, spirit empowerment is the standard for my business.  Temple Tees are all about wearing those mantras and reminding yourself of the power of love and the power of YOU.  For me, the ability to share love means sharing it first with yourself. Visit to get yours and share your #templelove

Temple TV
Throughout the years, I have met some amazing wellness practitioners.  I know the journey to being healthy and well is all about great partnerships.  Temple TV's first show, "Wellness Warriors" will highlight these wellness practitioners and their businesses.  If you are a wellness practitioner interested in participating please send me an email at

Awakening Your Life's Purpose
On April 24th and 25th there is a wonderful event going on called "Awakening Your Life's Purpose".  I will be there as an exhibitor on April 25th.  For more information visit

Join me this Spring to get into your flow.