Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gratitude in Motion

Much gratitude and many thanks to all my amazing yogis.  I am so grateful to have had another wonderful year working with wonderful and amazing people.  I give thanks that I can be of service doing what I love to do.  I get up each day and give thanks that people are coming to do yoga.  I give thanks that yoga is finding those who may not have been open to it.  I give thanks that yoga is offering those who come stress relief, pain relief and space in between the nagging thoughts weigh us down and sometimes kick us down.  Therefore, what better way to spend Thanksgiving month than to introduce a Gratitude Yoga Practice.  In addition, I will be offering a new yoga massage service.  So join me and share your gratitude and thanksgiving!

Gratitude Yoga Practice
Join me #ThankfulThursdays at 6pm for our Gratitude Yoga Practice.  This yoga practice will focus on heart opening poses and sharing your gratitude.  This practice will also include meditation.

Yoga Massage
Yoga Massage is a great way to focus on releasing tension and working into the deep tissue along with deep stretching.  This is a 30-min service and can be added onto your yoga class or booked separately.  Yoga Massage is a great way to tackle:
  • Pain/stress relief
  • Neck/Shoulders stiffness or pain
  • Back pain 
  • Hips, Legs and Feet 

Close Dates in November
Temple Yoga & Wellness Center will be closed on November 4th and November 25th-29th.  I hope you enjoy your days off by sharing your love and gratitude with those you love.  

I Love My Temple Store
Are you looking for a unique gift for this holiday season?  Check out the I Love My Temple Store and get gift cards or yoga/fitness/wellness products and gear to help your loved ones jumpstart the New Year with health and wellness in mind.  Or simply grab a gift card and share the gift of yoga.