Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall in Love with You

Fall is a mixture of things for me.  I love the warmer months and longer days of spring/summer but there is something about the magnificence of Fall.  I love the creative show that the trees put on.  The shorter days also give me the opportunity to get settled earlier so that I can explore my creativity at night.  Less daylight gives me the opportunity to really reflect.  I tune in quite a bit more and just take stock of what's going on with me.  It's my time to take personal inventory and see what I have done personally and professionally and how I can improve for the future.  I take a look at everything from my health to my parenting and explore how I can be the best version of me.  How can I be more present?  How can I express myself to the fullest?  How can I be of service?  What is serving me and what is not?  Many of these questions are what led to the Fall offerings from Temple Yoga & Wellness Center.  The goal is to help you move into this season healthy and well.  

Artistic Wellness

Artistic Wellness is a program I designed to help creative folks.  I remember back when I was writing full-time how difficult it was for me to sit down and focus on my looming deadlines.  And when I did finally sit down my mind was all over the place.  When I would talk to other creative folks they would have a similar challenges.  One consistent challenge for many of us is knowing there is something you really want to do but not having the time, support, belief or tools to offer that inner voice outward expression.  Artistic Wellness is a 7-week program that will uses yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to help you focus on your creative gift or talent.  Each week we will share with the group a portion of our project and we will practice the techniques (yoga, breathing & meditation) throughout the week.  The change in this course is that I am offering it in-studio and online this time.  The in-studio session is October 4th-November 15th from 3:30-5:00pm.  The online session is October 5th-November 16th from 7-8:30pm.  Registration is now open with early pricing available.  Visit to reserve your spot.  Save $20 if you sign up before October 1st.  Note:  To purchase select the Online Store, Services and Temple Programs. 

In this workshop participants will learn how to:

• Face distraction

• Prolong concentration

• Stimulate Perseverance

• Face fears

• Create balance

• Prioritize creative schedule

• Maintain authenticity

• Enjoy the art of revision

Workshop Outcomes

The series schedule includes:

• Meditation

• Discussion of the senses and their centers

• Sun Salutations

• Yoga Postures for creativity and inspiration

• Breathing Techniques

• Creative Goal Setting

In addition, participants will receive a better understanding of the body/mind connection, and how to stimulate the creative centers. A personal posture and breathing guide will be given to participants for home practice. Additional readings will come from Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide To the Fulfillment of Your Dreams.  We will also tweet about our experiences using #artisticwellness 

Yoga Detox

Every change of season, I love to cleanse and detox.  This Yoga Detox is a great way to prepare your body for the transition to the cooler weather.  This is a 21-Day cleansing program that will include yoga and nutrition.  Yoga Detox is especially great for those who want to get their diet on track, avoid being sick & boost metabolism.

This is a 21-Day Detox that will help you:
·    Boost immunity
·      Increase energy & focus
·      Improve weight management
·      Release excess waste
·      Increase sense of well-being

The first half of the 21-Day program is for cleansing & detoxing and the second half will help you rebuild your healthy eating habits.  I would recommend that you schedule 3-5 yoga sessions each week for the 21-Day period for maximum benefit.  Click here to register Note:  Yoga Detox is on the Online Store under Temple Programs.

Fall Yoga Special 
Sign up for a 3-month membership and get a 15% discount.  Membership will give you unlimited access to appointments.  Plus, this is a great way to stay committed to your health through the end of the year.  This membership requires sign-up for autopay.  Monthly membership payment will take place on the same day each month for 3 months. To sign up click here . Note: Fall Yoga Special is in the Online Store under Contracts.  

Temple App -Coming Soon! 

I love finding ways to make yoga classes easy and accessible.  Therefore, in the month of October I will be launching the Temple Yoga & Wellness Center app.  The app will be available in the Apple App store and on Google Play.  The app will allow you to schedule appointments and keep up with monthly specials.  Check the website to find out when the app will be available.  

I Love My Temple Store
The I Love My Temple Store is available online.  The products here are a combination of products I have created or selected based on my client requests.  You can purchase Temple Tees, Relaxation Jumpers, products from my Amazon store and of course gift cards. 
Please visit the store and get your yoga and wellness gear to support your yoga, wellness and fitness practice.  Click here  to shop.  

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