Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unit 2- HW420 Post

Greetings Fellow Classmates,

Thanks for visiting my Temple Blog.  I initially started this blog to help my yoga clients become more familiar with yoga.  I decided to use it for our class because it ties into what we are learning about health and wellness and the mind-body connection.  I hope you get the opportunity to take a look at some of my past posting that share the benefits of yoga. I also look forward to sharing with you the experiences we gain in this course. 

Journey On Relaxation Experience

I really enjoyed this exercise.  I began sitting in a chair and was very aware of the sense of calm that was starting to sink in as the music and the speaker started talking.  I was aware that my hands were quite cold as they usually are.  When he instructed begin to move the blood to my arms, I felt first my shoulders and then my elbows and wrists.  Finally, my fingers began to feel the flow or warmth to the tips.  After the warmth started flowing through my arms, I started to feel a heaviness at my shoulders.  I felt as if my arms were being weighted down, so when he mentioned the possibility of lifting them up, I knew it would be a challenge.  When he instructed me to move the blood flow back to the core, I notice the sensations were slightly different.  My arms started to tingled this time starting with my fingers.  I didn't feel the same joint sensations that I felt with the in flow of blood.  After taking a few deep breaths I was left with the calming sensations and the same heaviness in my arms.  However, the tension in my shoulders was gone.  I definitely felt more relaxed at the end of this exercise. 

I think these exercises that create deep awareness of the body are quite meaningful to our perspective as health and wellness professionals.  We spend so much time going through life with schedules and commitments and sometimes forget to tune in to those things that can help us be more connected and centered.  I say this from experience having a full-time job, a business, two wonderful boys and being a student.  I know that my daily tune ups help me get through what seems to be a mountain of commitments on some days.  It is, for me, my meditation and yoga practices that keep me grounded and centered in my daily life. 

Thanks for visiting,