Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Love Bug

Lemongrass in my garden with a ladybug friend

It's Summer already!  2015 is going quickly!  We are already more than halfway through the year.   As we get ready to take on more activities and get our "Fun in the Sun" on remember that yoga is a great way to get your body, mind and spirit ready for all the hot summer days and nights. 

Temple To-Go
Temple Yoga and Wellness is going interactive.  Many of my clients have busy schedules so we connect for class, wellness and nutritional counseling virtually.  All you need is a webcam and you can join me for a one-on-one session for yoga, nutritional counseling or wellness coaching.  You can get pay per class, select month-to-month plans or purchase quarterly plans that will get you in the habit of focusing on your health and wellness goals.

The benefits of Temple To-Go are:
  -Custom yoga just for your body type & fitness level
  -Custom meal plans that work with your health goals
  -One-on-one counseling to help you reach your health and wellness goals
  -No need to travel to class

Visit or email to get your FREE consultation and start building your wellness plan. Sign up for your personalized yoga and wellness program on  

Yoga for Weight Loss 

Yoga for Weight Loss is a great program to kickstart your weight loss goals.  This program is near and dear to me because often times weight control is a reflection of all the things that we experience in our lives.  So many times we are working on every other part of our lives and we put ourselves last.  The thought is that we can always come back to our own health whenever we want ignoring our needs to really nurture ourselves.  Yoga for Weight Loss is designed to put your health needs front and center so that you can be your best self in your life.  You will learn how to eat and move to stimulate your weight loss goal.   Payment plans are available because I never want finances to be a barrier to reaching your health goals.  Join me for Yoga for Weight Loss and learn how to reveal your best self. Visit the website to sign up.  

Yoga at iwifresh Garden Day Spa

Summer Yoga is back at iwifresh Garden Day Spa.  I have had requests to come back into the city for a class.  Therefore, every Tuesday at 6:30pm yoga class is back on!  

Wellness Coaching 

Wellness Coaching is available for anyone looking to improve their nutritional health and/or yoga and fitness goals.  

Private Groups 
Are you a member of group that would like to try yoga classes?  Email to book your group today.  

Shop Temple Yoga & Wellness 
Temple Body, Mind, Spirit Tees and gift cards are still on sale.  Gift cards make great gifts on so do these awesome tees.  Get yours at and share your #templelove. 

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