Monday, February 2, 2015

Show Your Temple Love

We have some LOVELY things to share with you in February.  Join us and show your TEMPLE LOVE.  

February 22nd -Medi Pedi
Join me at Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa to get your Meditation and Veggie Pedicure.  I will take you through a guided meditation to help you connect with your passion while you receive a Veggie Pedicure.  Sounds Divine doesn’t it?  

Gift  Cards-Share your Temple Love 
It’s February, which is all about love!  It’s a great time to show your Temple LOVE by giving a gift card for yoga classes.  You can start with ANY amount above $10 or your can take advantage of our Specials (Buy a $50 card for only $40, $75 card for only $60 or a $100 card for $80).  This is a unique gift and you can purchase it online and send it via email to the person with whom you want to share your YOGA LOVE.  The card can be loaded onto their account and all they have to do is come to class.  It’s that simple.  

Chair Yoga- Wednesdays 12pm 
Chair Yoga will continue at Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa.  Come for class and a smoothie and get your afternoon TUNE UP! 

Karma Yoga
Karma Yoga will take place on February 21st.  It’s my BIRTHDAY so I want to give you a FREE class for your support.  All I ask is for a donation towards my supported causes.  Please sign up ahead of time because spaces are limited.  

Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga starts Feb 2nd 8:30am.  Come and enjoy yoga supported by the yoga swing.  Visit the website for the full schedule.  

I am all about moving from the heart and letting it guide me in my daily life.  I want to know how you display self-love in your life.  You can respond on any of my social media outlets and share your #templelove  (they are listed below) 

Fly Yoga -Coming Soon 
We are close to finishing up planning for our first yoga retreat.  It will be in the Caribbean most likely and is slated for September 2015.  This will give anyone who wants to go with us time to pay on the trip before we leave.  

Temple Yoga & Wellness is all about the love.  Join us and get that loving feeling!  




  1. Love your green natural presentation. Nice blog. Great work! Ralph Williams,E37 Photography

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely kind words!!! I am working on getting better so photos soon!!