Saturday, May 4, 2013

HW420-Aesclepian Healing -Unit 7

Every since I was a little girl, I have always had this knowing without knowing.  I was and still am very connected to my intuition.  My baby sitter Mary used to call me Lucille because she said that Tiffany was a little girls name, and I needed the name of an old woman.  My family has always thought that was hilarious but it felt very natural to me.  She called me Lucille until I she passed away in the late 90s.  I was always comfortable around older people and was open to what they could teach me, which makes it no surprise that I work at a senior center.  When I listened to the Meeting Aesclepius mp3, my childhood and my connection to my grandmother came to my mind.  I always felt a kindred connection with her and even though she was deaf she had a way of communicating with me that was really special.  I always thought of how she was such a knowing and special person despite what many would consider a handicap.  I imagine the strength it took her to single handedly raise 9 children on the pennies she made working as a laborer in fields in Alabama.  I imagine if she were still here how my life would be far beyond anything she could imagine.  I don’t think she could’ve imagined me working as a writer, a filmmaker, a magazine editor, a yoga instructor, a business owner, a program coordinator at a senior center.  I remember once as a child I asked my grandmother if she was happy.  She thought for a second and simply replied, “Baby, I’m satisfied”.  I remember thinking at the time, I had to be about 8 years old, that that was sad to me.  I know now that that was all she could probably hope for being a black women in the south with very little education who had live through things that I could never imagine.  I always wanted to be more than just satisfied with my life.  I wanted to be happy.  I wanted and still want to be fully excited by and engaged in my life.  I didn’t want to just exist.  And now in hindsight, I guess that is what Mary saw, a little girl who was ready to take on life and be fully present.  And I have to say to this day it hasn’t changed.  I have always loved learning, which is why I am first and foremost a student of life.  I feel that my work abilities and my strength comes from all those who came before me.  Their lessons are my lessons and their hopes and dreams are the work for me to actualize in my life.  I always hope that I am honoring them in my choices to take risks and be me despite what some my think.  And honestly, I am truly happy with who I have become and who I am becoming.  I realize that this great responsibility is mine because I never shy away from the challenge.  I want to continue to live my purpose and help those who would like to do the same.  I think that is what is meant by the saying, “One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself”.  I think we all have a purpose here and when we are walking on that path we are happier, healthier beings.  I think what causes people sickness and misery is being trapped in a life they didn’t imagine for themselves.  Walking in a life that is simply an existence without connection.  People essentially want to come alive and be in a place where they are proud of the work they do and the life they lead.  I always imagine that if everyone could have this way of life and support themselves and their families we would be happier healthier people.  However, I know that my optimism can be a huge leap for those who think very practically about money, bills, obligations and the like, therefore, I have to be the example I want to see.  I believe in being well, therefore, I work on myself through my yoga practice physically, mentally and spiritually almost everyday.  I also study yoga a ton.  I am constantly reading and researching for myself and for my kids and clients.  I don’t teach a yoga pose that I haven’t felt in my own body.  I want to feel it for myself before I guide my clients through practicing it.  It also helps me find the words to lead them to their discovery of how the pose can unfold in their lives whether on the mat or in life.  I hope that what I offer as a wellness professional can somehow help those I encounter to lead happier healthier lives.  


  1. Hi "Lucille"
    I personally love the name Lucille, it was my Nana's name, and she is actually who I used to visualize this week in our exercise. Having her as my focal point really made the exercise relaxing for me. I also enjoy being around older individuals, I have always been like that. Even as a child I wanted to be friends with the adults, and not the kids so much. I just loved hearing their stories, and insight. They are always so wise and intuitive. I also am very proud of who I have become. I have gone through fire in so many aspects, but every burn was worth it for everything that I have learned and gained. I like the saying, "one cannot lead another to where one hasn't gone himself" because in my opinion it is acknowledging that you cannot teach happiness unless you have been happy. You cannot feel love, unless you have loved yourself. Those are great words to live by.

    Mrs. Rogers :o)

  2. Thanks for your response. I am honored that my childhood nickname is that of your Nana. :-) I agree with you about loving yourself. I think people run into problems when they expect people to love them more than they love themselves. I also think that when you love yourself you are more likely to attract love. I thank you so much for reading my post. I was inspired this week!

  3. That was a nice story. As a child, I too preferred to be around my elders for the same reason. Even as a child, I knew that there was a lot to learn about life and how to manage it successfully and I also knew that people my age or around my age had very little to share because they had limited experiences as well. I am still that way. The majority of my friends are older than me by 8+ years. Regarding the exercise for this week, I enjoyed it. I have to admit that it did evoke emotion but it was very pleasing none the less. Regarding Dacher's comment about a person not being able to lead someone else somewhere that they haven't been, I find that very true. The best guidance that we can hope to acquire comes from those who have walked the road on which we are preparing to travel.

  4. Lucille,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I feel that as a child and even now as an adult I am far more comfortable with people well over my own age. It's like they just get me on a different level. I agree that in order to really be a help to your clients you must first feel the experience. It would be impossible to explain the sensation without actually having it though really. By taking the time to do these integral practices we can bring the benefit full circle.

    I really enjoyed your blog this week :)


  5. I really enjoyed reading your post this week. I was very heartfelt and reflective. It's interesting, I recently asked someone close to me if they were happy and their response was that they were not unhappy. That isn't good enough for you, I want to be fully engaged in my life. We only have this one and I intend to not let it just pass me by.


  6. Thanks so much for your responses. I worry that sometimes I get to introspective, but I love sharing and writing what comes to me. I also think we have started a new discussion here about our elders and the wisdom they have bestowed upon us! I think that would make an awesome post! ;-)

  7. Tiffany,
    I really enjoyed your story! I, too, have always felt more comfortable around older adults than people my age. I think that you have a great point that we tend to be very dissatisfied with our lives when we are forced to work in an area that doesn’t bring us joy. I feel very lucky that I found the area that I believe is where I was meant to be. I really can’t imagine having a different profession. I would like to add some different hobbies like massage therapy. Your post was very inspirational. I am also trying to connect with yoga and it has been more of a mental challenge and I just do the best that I can but I would like to feel the internal connection to the movements as well. If you have any tips or advice I would love to hear about them! Thanks Tiffany.

  8. Hi Tiffany,
    Your story was so touching, thank you for sharing. I believe that there is so much to be gained by listening to those who have so much life experience. I love to listen to my grandmother talk about her childhood and what it was like and the things she did a kid. While doing the Meeting Aesclepian exercise I envisioned my grandmother and all of her wisdom, thoughtfulness, kind heartedness, love, and words of encouragement that she has shared with me over the years and it was a great experience to visualize all of the attributes that I admire about her being shared with me.