Friday, January 18, 2013

Yoga Boot Camp March-April

Ok, it’s a  few months into the New Year and we resolve to try to get in shape or just improve our overall health!  Try Yoga Boot Camp!  Yoga Boot Camp is a full-body workout that combines the popular boot camp concept with the flow of yoga.  Perfect for anyone wanting to improve strength and toning, lose weight, improve breathing and circulation or just improve their overall health. What makes Yoga Boot Camp different is you will not only get the strength and cardio training necessary but you will also get balance training and nutritional guidance.  Working on balance offers the toning and definition that is often sought from working out, but it also increases the strength throughout the muscles of the targeted region.  

Classes will be held 3 days a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 11am.  The session will last for 4 weeks.

Yoga Boot Camp begins Tuesday, March 19th and ends April 11th.  If you are interested in signing up please email  Spaces are limited.

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