Sunday, December 12, 2010

Artistic Wellness Workshop

We all have it. It's a flash of genius, a light bulb idea, a creative talent or breakthrough concept that will change our lives and, ultimately, humanity.
The Artistic Wellness Workshop is an 4-week program designed to assist creative people with completing their creative projects and deadlines. The program will utilize yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and goal setting to establish patterns and routines for success.
In this workship participants will learn to: face distraction; prolong concentration; stimulate perseverance; face fears, create balance, priotize schedule, maintain authenticity, and enjoy the art of revising.
The info session for this upcoming webinar will take place on Feb. 2nd at 1pm.  Class will start on Feb 9th at 1pm.  Please email if you would like more information.  

Enjoy this wonderful video by author Elizabeth Gilbert and get inspired.  

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