Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Greeting Everyone,


I hope this message finds you well! I am helping to collect relief
items for Haiti. Haiti has recently been hit by a devastating
earthquake. Much of the country is in shambles. If you could please
donate the following items:

  • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion,etc.)
  • Can goods
  • Dry goods
  • Clothing (men,women, children)
  • Bottled water
My collection locations are below:

Sweetwater Wellness Center
8245 Spence Rd (Hwy 92) Fairburn, GA 30213

ABS Studio
749 Moreland Ave, Suite 103, Atlanta, GA 30316

Aerobics, Yoga & More
4051 Stone Mountain Hwy, Suite G101B, Lilburn, GA 30048

Please feel free to drop off items at any of these locations. I am working with local churches, and national relief organizations to ensure these items get to the proper channels. I have
been working on Haitian relief efforts for the last 4 years. Thanks so
much for your assistance. Your support is a true and tangible

Peace & blessings!



  1. Thanks to everyone who has given to Haiti relief. You efforts and your support are invaluable!!!

  2. The relief items I collected are leaving for Haiti today!!! Thanks so much 4 all of the support from u all!!! It was a wonderful collective effort. I am humbled by the tremendous level of support!! Many of the items I collected will go to an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. This orphanage houses some 300 children. Your will help their lives in the mist of all this tragedy. Thanks again!!!!